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89 : Fire

Fingers wrapped with well worn leather grasp onto a chunk of flame red hair, yanking back desperately in a feeble attempt to stop the momentum that's rapidly carrying his companion within reach of sharp metal-like claws aimed for the tenderness of an exposed throat.

Too late the Trader realizes his folly when a second set of claws streamlines back, a shriek of pain torn from his lips as hot crimson liquid boils to the surface when the Hunter rakes down -his skin and tissue shredded as if his wrist were made of simple parchment, forcing the man to release his grip in an instant. Without pause his would-be captive spins again, red rimmed silver eyes reflecting little beyond acute rage and determination as he lunges for the Trader's companion once more, felling him so quickly that he's given no time to even scream as he crumples onto the rough ground below.

Surrounded by four others in the campaign, another Hunter lies already subdued –the same creature the red haired one fights so relentlessly to free.  If the captive realizes his plight he shows no mention, his silver gaze long since dulled by magic and his lean body bound beneath special enchantments – pale yellow hair tangled up in the bindings from a similar struggle he himself had fought but unlike the other, had all too quickly lost. The red haired beast however is wild beyond what they'd expected, he fights fiercely to reach his bound companion, his movements swift and gracefully terrifying in such a way that the Trader could appreciate if it weren't for the bodies of his companions gathering at his feet. Not for the first time the Trader in pursuit curses their inability to subdue the Hunter as they'd done with the other and their overconfidence in completing this task as not one of them had been prepared for the wildness in which this one has fought from the very start.

Days prior, they'd caught a glimpse of the beasts all on their own, a simple flash of carrot tinged chestnut interrupting the endless green foliage and then another of sun paled gold. Finding even one Hunter so far from the Wildes was rare, but two an impossibility –a stroke of good luck that all in his campaign deemed a blessing from God herself, one that they accepted with no hesitation at all. Days were spent stalking their prey after that first sighting and they were all diligent in watching the pair as they traveled alone, following them in silence and placing barriers until their route back to the Wildes was slowly but surely barred. There had been no time where one wasn't awake at first so the task had been a little difficult, no time where one wasn't watching the other when they slept or ate, and it was only another stroke of luck that granted them an opportunity –another gift from their God they proclaimed, one they would be fools to pass up after it'd been set so graciously into their very hands.

At first light of this day it seemed as if exhaustion had finally caught up to the pair after their days of traveling and the Trader's group wasted no time in making their move right there and then. Within seconds the golden haired one had been muzzled, collared and bound -a catch as routine as any other they've ever done before. But the second didn't go down as easily as the first, unfortunately and not one of them had been prepared for the sight they beheld when that silver gaze snapped open the moment they pounced.

A single red ring, brilliant and aflame lining his silver eyes is what greeted them –the impurity a prize not one Trader has seen in the last hundred years and not one they'll likely see again if they fail in subduing him like they had the other. That impurity means their fortunes and only increases the urgency in which they all have to get him under control, a task that is proving harder than any of them would have liked. But the Trader in pursuit is as determined as his prey, and no matter how many of his campaign fall at that Hunter's hands or how much blood paints the green beneath his feet, he means to claim his prize.

This is a gift from his God that he absolutely refuses to waste.
Yeahhhh, so I've been meaning to write all the prompts for Roin and the lead up to he and his lifemate's capture [and subsequent aftermath] for a long time, but you know, the same old life and everything bit got in the way. Finally got around to the first one here though, it's sort of been sitting in my Eden folder half done for too long actually, but ehhh, at least I've started?

I'd decided to do them all prompts style, instead of normal straight out story so that I could leave the details for RP. Basically, I plan to go through major points of Roin's life in prompt form and leave the actual detailing for whatever happens to come out whenever Eden is started up, story wise. Most of it will be out of order because that's how I roll.

This one deals with the day Roin and his lifemate got ambushed by a Trader campaign. It wasn't pretty D:

Anywho, hope you enjoy. more to be coming at some point soon... ish. Really.


Roin is from the world of Eden and both are mine. No stealy, yadda yadda.
My art is not stock, insert witty disclaimer here...
prophetek Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
Can't wait for more. :3
SkylaRose Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2011
Wow, talk about sucked in. I love your writings so I dove right in, heh and didn't want to surface yet.
Brilliant scene, I look forward to more from these characters :heart:
evphaedrielle Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2011
Already said this, but so, so happy to read about Roin and can't wait for more ^__^
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