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A Mouse
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I am a Mouse and I lovers my dorries :B

So my chibi (:iconacid-flier:) is finally taking some decently priced animation commissions. For all the info go -> HERE

Still a little under priced in my opinion, considering the work and time she puts into them (watching her go through the process is something else, let me tell you) -she has very limited slots right now, so if you are looking for a character of yours to be animated, go quick, once those slots are filled, it’ll be a while before she opens up more ^_^

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Hiii, Nezumi-chuu :3

I randomly decided to check your site and practically squee'd out loud :XD: Thank you so much for updating The Crossover Game! I just finished reading the newly added part and now I just want to read the whole thing again from the start XD It was great becoming immersed in that world again :3

Oh, ad Merry Christmas!
Hey youuuuu <3 -I'm so happy to hear and there will be more again soon. I've been working on getting myself back onto my weekly posting schedule, and while it's taken some time for me to pull my head out of my arse to achieve it, I'm almost there so check back again soon -haha. [also, merry late Christmas back to you :heart:]
Heee I'm glad :3 And I'll be checking back for sure :heart: I love the stories on there. Granted I am yet to read any of Ish'talla, I still love The Crossover Game, Future Effects and what you have up of Angel Hunt.
Hmmm saying that, I haven't read all of Future Effects yet. Heh might just start reading that from the start as well :3
It makes me so happy to hear all that, because I've had a hell of a time finding the motivation for the last couple of years to bother much with my stories anymore. Though for the last year they've been creeping back in and I've found a renewed love for the things I lost contact with for a while there and have been working on getting it all up and running again. It helps a lot to hear that even one person still reads and cares, so thank you for that ^^ <3

That being said, Ish'talla and any of the AH stuff with Jenova and Aki won't continued as the other side of that [Aki's owner and the second half of Ish'talla] has left it all behind. But there is plenty of original AH stuff that I'd left off in place of the Jenova/Aki RPs that I've now been able to concentrate on, and much, much RP between my characters, Evphaedrielle's boys and Prophetek's boys and girls to post [that are still on going as I type] -so there will be a lot more Crossover Game, Future Effect timelines and AU timelines going up [I'm nearly all caught up on the recent modern day stuff, but I still have a ton of back Events to edit and post, as well as the last 3 chapters of AU that need to go to the site. I also have restarted edits on the original AH Memories arc and am also nearly done with the next couple of Fractions stories as well. Not to mention the random memes that will be posted, including a soon to happen crack speed dating set xD] <-basically there will be a lot going up and plenty more to read in the near future -haha.
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A-u-t Dec 23, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
You really loved to me :)
And your drawings and  clothes  are beautiful.
But still can not understand where you got these dolls, you are creating them?
Meow :3 
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