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Angel Hunt in AU : Jung Su Kim's Passbook Id by Nezumi-chuu
Angel Hunt in AU : Jung Su Kim's Passbook Id
Me, posting art in my Deviant Art page? What is this hullabaloo?

Anyway yes, so I do use this page for more than shoppe posts sometimes, and while I'm way behind in posting dorru pics, ADAW pics and other such random art I've done, here's the latest quick thing I've had in my head since the AU storyline began.

Jun's I.D passbook, when he was still a First Year (he's a Second Year as of now), I'd link to the storyline page but Angel Hunt is down at the moment so I can do an update overhaul. I'll have it back up soon enough, until then. Yes.


My art is not stock, please don't yadda yadda yadda...
Jun is from Angel Hunt and belongs to me.
Sketched with mech pencil, inked with Micron pens [005, 01], colored in PS using a whole lot of random stock.
Shoppe : Fishy Scales by Nezumi-chuu
Shoppe : Fishy Scales
Super shiny holo black fish scale tank for CP Delf and and similar sized Dolls.

Available in my Etsy Shoppe -> HERE

I also have Soom SG sizes ->HERE

My art is not stock, no stealy yadda yadda yadda...
Modeled on Jun, my CP Delf Chiwoo.
Shoppe : Noir Vintage Coat SD by Nezumi-chuu
Shoppe : Noir Vintage Coat SD
Beautiful embroidered and embellished vintage fabric hooded traveling coat for CP Delf and and similar sized Dolls.

Available in my Etsy Shoppe -> HERE


My art is not stock, no stealy yadda yadda yadda...
Modeled on Roin, my modded Souldoll Hewer/Delf hybrid.
Shoppe : Noir Vintage Coat SG by Nezumi-chuu
Shoppe : Noir Vintage Coat SG
Beautiful embroidered and embellished vintage fabric hooded traveling coat for Soom SG and and similar sized Dolls.

Available in my Etsy Shoppe -> HERE


My art is not stock, no stealy yadda yadda yadda...
Modeled on Bal'thial, my Soom Amber boy.
Shoppe : Noir Vintage Robe by Nezumi-chuu
Shoppe : Noir Vintage Robe
Beautiful long embroidered and embellished vintage fabric wrap robe Soom SG and and similar sized Dolls.

Available in my Etsy Shoppe -> HERE


My art is not stock, no stealy yadda yadda yadda...
Modeled on Za'apphei, my Soom MD R.Heliot mod girl.


A Mouse
United States
I am a Mouse and I lovers my dorries :B
It's been a little bit since I've done any updates here. My excuse is that I've been pretty busy playing catch up with work and with life since the move. It's only been 3 or so months though, I've got plenty of time for things to carry on longer -hah.

But for now, meme! Because I was tagged by evphaedrielle :heart:

Name: Nezumi
Age: 41 as of Friday 8D
Meaning behind your username: Well normally I use Nezumitoo as my handle, and did here too once... until I rage quit one fine day. The next fine day (which may or may not have been a few months worth of fine days), I decided I was over my little tantrum of 'rage against the machine' and came back... only to have completely forgotten my password and email used for said password recovery. So I created this account, using my secondary used user name since my first used user name was being used by some jerk already (i.e. me). As for it -well, Nezumi is my chosen name, of which was chosen for my namesake Sailor Iron Mouse (or Chuuko Nezumi). Too for the first username is well because, when I started using Nezumi as my handle I figured a lot of other peeps would as well, so I'm Nezumi too. This one is because chuu sounds like too, it's also the sound a mouse makes, and is also Iron Mouse's last name. Hence = Nezumitoo and or Nezumi-chuu.
Favorite music: my favorite genres range a bit, but mostly it's classical or classical opera, rock opera, 80's awesome, kpop, jpop, etc. My favorite music honestly depends on the mood I'm in at the time. At this particular point in time, my favorites have been Mozart's everything, the Klingon theme from the first Star Trek movie (Star Trek the Motion Picture that is), the extended orgy scene music from the original Conan the Barbarian movie and that silly 'Back in Time' song Pitbull did for the 3rd Men in Black movie. Or at least, these have been the songs I've been listening to over and over again while I'm working out.
Favorite movie: Hrm, hmmm. I have a lot of favorite movies actually. My current repeat watchers has been the Hobbit movies (mainly the first two, but I watch them all in progression when I'm working), all the Harry Potter movies, even the 3rd one, the original star Trek movies save perhaps the first one and the Final Frontier (which I still watch despite how horrible it truly was), the Narnia films, the Pirates of the Caribbean films (because Barbossa = my love<3), all the Resident Evil films save the 4th one, Rise of the Guardians, The 13th Warrior so on and so forth. I could go on forever with these because as said, I like me some movies. My classic favorites will always be Labyrinth, Legend, the original Tron, Logan's Run and more.
Favorite TV show: Steven Universe is at this moment, my number one all time favorite televee show. Did anyone watch the recent Steven Bomb? How frikkin awesome was it? (Steven Bomb #3 is coming in July. So. Excited. Omglob o_o!). Gravity Falls is another (cliff hanger noooooo), Adventure Time, Sherlock, Property Brothers and Hoarders. There are more, but those are the mains.
Hobbies/interests: Vintage toy collecting (mainly My Little Pony, but so many more), toy collecting in general, art, laughable writing, RP, reading, sewing, movie prop collecting, game playing when time allows it, collecting out of print fairy tale books, Mister's couch and groomer.
Random fact about yourself: I am stronger than you. I am a conversation. I am made o-o-o-o-of Lo-o-o-o-ve.


1. How long have you been in the hobby?
First doll came home in 2003 but I was pining a couple of years prior.

2. How many dolls do you have at home?

ohh, lesse *counts on fingers* uh 24 if I finger counted correctly. I may be wrong, because I have not 24 fingers in total so just refer to the list below.

3. What are their names and sculpts?

Megumi - Volks New Makeup Megu
Jun - Luts Delf Type 1 WS Chiwoo
Jenova - Volks FCS BW oldF29 on a Dollstown15 body (with his original Volks hands, modded)
Fuan - Luts Delf Type 1 WS El
Fanuel - Luts Delf Type 1 WS El on a Type 1 Yder body
Hesue - Luts MNF WS Shiwoo
Saiyuri - Luts Delf Type 1 NS Large Bust Miyu
Kealani - Luts Delf WS Luwen on a WS Fdoll body (with El hands)
Samara - Musedoll F01 NS Ciel (with Delf hands)
Chibi!Jun - Fairyland WS LTF Chiwoo
Chibi!Fanuel - Fairyland WS LTF El (faceplate only atm)
Chibi!Lan - Soom MD human Pyrol WS
Bal'thial - Soom MD Amber head on Heliot long leg Body
Za'apphei - Soom MD modded R.Heliot head on Cass body
Ati'yya - Soom MD Cuprit head on Breccia Large Bust body (with Cass fantasy hands)
Tamesis - Soom MD Breccia head with fantasy Amber body (lower half) and one of the newer upper normal bust bodies (forgot which one, but I went in on a split for it and it has wing plugs on her shoulderblades so I'm pretty sure it was another MD or sorts) + Cuprit hands, normal.
Coraelle - Soom Fairy Legend Haidi
Little Miss Captain Sassy Pants - Soom MD Beyla (human head, fantasy body)
Sassy's Shadow - Soom MD Bygg (human head, fantasy body)
Rune - Soom MD modded R.Ai on a temp Dollleaves body
Charlie - Soom Flint (xmas kit version)
Sentry - Unoa Lusis (both default and modded Akubi faceplates) on an Ariadoll 15yrs body
Roin - Souldoll Hewer head on a Luts Delf Type 1 WS body
Nexus - Soom MD The Crow (fantasy head on human body)

4. Which doll have you had the longest? How long has it been?
Megumi, she came home Valentine's Day 2003. It's been 12 some years.

5. Which doll is your favorite?
They are all my favs, honestly. I like them all for their own reasons and I can't look at any of them and think -this one is better than that one- if I could, I prolly wouldn't have as many ^^;

6. Are you waiting on any dolls now? If yes, which one(s)?
Why yes, yes I am actually ->

Glot Blossom of Earth (on layaway) <-got this mainly for Rune's body, but if I like the head when it comes in, he may be turned into a Storybook World character as well.
Cerisedolls Ellana (Also on layaway, my grosh!) <-my chibi's major Bday gifty to me. She's the purple grey version and she's going to be a grown version of the Shadow creature Thial ran across during his travels.
Dollzone Big Dipper (8D) -this little guy is going to be from Rune's world, perhaps a sibling, or a pet - I dunno yet.

7. What is your grail doll?

I don't think I've ever quite understood the term 'grail doll' because all the dolls I've wanted, I've eventually gotten. All the dolls I want right now, I have either incoming or on layaway. I mean there are dolls I'd prolly like to get at some point - like an actual Unoa body for Sentry, or a body for chibi!Fanuel, or a couple of artist dolls and the like but I can't really consider them grails because a grail to me is unattainable -something that isn't so much a thing with me. If it takes me years to save, or years to attain, I'll eventually get them. That's what this hobby is to me, a game of saving, sacrificing and patience. Because of it, I don't so much consider any doll I want or might want in the future unattainable -or 'grail' *shrugs*

8. Did you learn to do something new because of this hobby? (e.g. photography, painting, sewing)
I've always been sewing, always been writing (or summarizing), creating worlds, storylines, crafting, drawing, etc - I think maybe the only thing I've learned specifically for the hobby would be the actual customizing of the dolls themselves, and photography - since I had no interest in either before I began. Oh and leatherwork I guess, since before the dolls I only ever worked in fabrics alone.

9. Have you made any friends you might otherwise not have because of this hobby?
I have, I've also lost a lot of them as well over the years. But whether attained or lost, or maintained (because I've also had quite a few that have stuck around for as many years as those who haven't<3) I prolly would never have met any of them if it weren't for the hobby and I'm very grateful for it because of that. I'll never regret the friendships I've made through this doll beast community, good or bad, because I've made some dear ones through it that I'll treasure until the end of my days /sappy hearts have been inserted here.

10. What are your doll plans for this coming year?

Finishing all the many billions of things I've been meaning to finish for the last... since the beginning of time. Or the last four years anyway. I want to complete the dolls that are incomplete, get all my crews' wardrobes up to date, finish mods I've been meaning to finish, get correct eyes and wigs and update old aesthetics and the like. It's a hobby of forever WIPs and patience, but this year's the year for me to get the bulk of my to-do lists done. I swears it @_@ /m/

Tagging all the peeps who I speak to semi-regularly (you know who you are) which, soz for not naming individually, but it's almost Mister's evening walk time and she's currently making it near impossible to type all this out with her paw swipes and face licks xD

Also those whom I don't speak to on a reg basis, because why not.

Also also, thank you very much for the birthday wishes, all three or so of you who gave them. It was very much appreciated ^_^<33

  • Listening to: Stronger Than You from Steven Universe
  • Reading: RP
  • Watching: The Hobbit, Battle of the Five Armies
  • Playing: Attack the Light
  • Eating: I plan to eat some Jordon Almonds soon
  • Drinking: Water with melon ball iced cubes

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